Plastic Union emballages souples en plastique


In 1997 the company Plastic Union was acquired by Louis Demuynck, who previously had been active in the textile industry and in the production of PVC profiles for windows. At that time Plastic Union had a film production of 800 Ton per year.


Shortly after the acquisition the company invested in both equipment and personnel. From the bankrupt company Unisac, a major extrudor and manufacturor of carrier bags, a new production manager was hired and each team was provided with additional manpower. That the start of the take-over would be very difficult appeared very quickly when Plastic Union lost its biggest customer because they themselves had begun to extrude ...


Dispite the sales department was also restructured and gradually Plastic Union could convine more and more customers.


With the arrival of son Charles Demuynck in 1998 the firm became more computerized, and also new equipment investments were made. The first major extrusion line was set up as well additional bagging machines were purchased.


In 2005 a new step was taken by the purchase of a first co-extrusion line. In addition bag machines were renewed, flexo printing presses were installed and the production was automated further. Silo's were placed for the automatic supply of raw materials and to increase the storage capacity of raw materials. The entire process was optimized and computerized.


In 2010 a second high capacity extrusion line was taken in use.


In 2011 new modern office buildings were build in order to be able to accomodate the continuous growth of the company.


In 2012 7 additional silos were placed, good for an additional storage of 550T.


Today Plastic Union can proudly look back to a highly modern and automated manufacturing environment, a loyal and satisfied customer base on all continents and a production capacity of more that 9000 Tons a year. Plastic Union's steady growth is mainly due to its innovative character, its consequently investing program in the latest technologies of the market, and it conscientious attitude towards its customers. Thanks to the development of new products, Plastic Union sees the future still very optimistic and will be able to satisfy the need of its customers in future.


Charles Demuynck


CEO Plastic Union

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