LDPE PEBD verpakkingsfolie


Plastic Union is aiming to reach following goals :


  • To reach the best mechanical, chemical and optical properties out of their products.
  • To reach the most economical production processes
  • To produce only 100% recyclable products
  • To produce only products that are 100% compliant to all regulations regarding products to come in contact with foodstuff.
  • To manage the waste stream upon the workfloor of its customers.
  • To guarantee 100% continuity in the quality of the supplied products.
  • To focus unconditionally on the customer and to listen and answer to its needs.
  • To aim to perfection by continously acquiring of new knowledge.
  • To reach all this goals and values taking into account the benifits of all the stakeholders and by respecting all the regulations regarding safety, health and environment.
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