Coex folie film coextrudé coextruded film

Coextruded film

By extruding films in multiple layers it is possible to combine advantages of different materials into one film. This production technology allows to produce more efficient films as well chemically, mechanically as optically.

 LDPE CX3M reinforced LDPE



Coextruded reinforced film, mainly used as a reinforced presentation shrink film


  • + Thickness reduction of 20% is possible without loss of mechanical properties.
  • + Has a good shrinkability
  • + A very clear and glossy film
  • + The film has an excellent hot tack for packaging lines with high troughput rates
  • + The film is electrostatically neutral
  • + Good sealability on all known sealing technologies.

 LDPE CX3-M² reinforced FFS film



Coextruded reinforced film, essentially used for heavy duty applications like the automatic packaging of building materials, chemical materials and other packaging in units of 15,25 or 50 kg.


  • + Thickness reduction up to 40% is possible without loss in mechanical properties.
  • + The film is clear and glossy
  • + The film has an exhaustive slow puncture resistance
  • + The film has a very good tearing resitance in both directions.
  • + The film has a very good stiffness.
  • + The film has good sealing properties resulting in very strong sealings.
  • + The film is electrostatically neutral

 LDPE CX3-M³ extreme strong packaging film



Coextruded reinforced film used for the most of the applications. This film is at this moment the best performing film and is the result of many research and process improvements.


  • + Thickness reduction up to 50% without loss of mechanical properties.
  • + The film is very clear and brilliant
  • + The film breaks all record on mechanical properties
  • + The film has very good sealing properties on all sealing technologies and in all environments
  • +The film can be extruded very thin : down to 12 µM !
  • + The film is electrostatically neutral


Importance of downgauging of packaging films


  • the price per packaged unit decreases significantly
  • a lighter packaging is per definition a more ecological packaging
  • a lighter packaging enables you to save a lot on packaging taxes
  • for a same reel weight you will have much more meters, and thus much less reel changes on the machine. Less reel changes means less machine stops and a better productivity of the packaging line
  • last but not least is economy and ecology going hand in hand ! If your company is working on decreasing their ecological footstep, then with these products you will undoubtly find an answer to this question!
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