krimpfolie film rétractable shrink film

PE (shrink)film

As a manufacturor of polyethylene packaging materials, Plastic Union is in the possession of an extended high tech machine park. Thanks to high technology and integrated quality control Plastic Union is producing plastic films that guarantee the best return of your packaging machine ! Plastic Union has several film qualities, each one having its own specific properties and advantages. Plastic Union is also able to develop films specific to the needs of the customer if he doesn't find a quality that meets his demand..



Standard monolayer LDPE film 


  • + big availability on the market
  • + good sealing properties
  • + relatvely good optical properties
  • - is actually an old technology film, but has despite still a big market share
  • - the mechanical properties of the film are average



 Standard monolayer HDPE film


  • + big availability on the market
  • + good sealing properties
  • + has very good slow puncture resistance, however the tearing strength is very low
  • - bad optical properties (the film is milky)
  • - the mechanical properties of the film are average

 LDPE+ reinforced polyethylene


 Monolayer reinforeced polyethylene film.


  • + it's possible to downgauge with 20% from LDPE without loss of mechanical properties
  • + Has good shrinking properties
  • - The film is sensible to electric statisticity
  • - The optical properties of the film are average
  • - Possbible formation of angel hair when cut-sealed


Possible specifications


  • Width between 100MM and 2400MM
  • Thickness between 12µM and 200µM
  • Flat film, tubular film, tubular film one side open, folded films
  • Reel diameter : up to 1200 MM
  • On cores with internal diameter 3 inch




  • Shrink film
  • Collation film
  • Mailing film
  • Bagging film for fresh and frozen food
  • Topsheet film
  • Fill Form and Seal film(heavy duty bags)
  • Matress films
  • ...




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