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Stretch hood

Plastic Union is a leading company regarding the palette packaging market. Besides shrink hoods the company is mainly specialised in the manufacturing of stretch hood film. This is a tubular and elastic film that is put on palettes like nylon stockings on legs !


Advantages of stretch hoods


  • It's a cheap packaging due to its low weight.
  • The packaging process is cheaper and safer because there is no need of heat anymore for the shrink process.
  • It is a very fast packaging way : up to 100 palettes an hour can be packed with a single machine, and from one stretch hood reel it's possible to hood 1500 palettes !
  • There is a hermetic barrier between the pallet load and the external world.
  • This film cannot be placed manually, so if the palette arrives with a stretch hood on it, the customer has the guarantee that there has been no theft during the transport.


TOPFlex LS (stretch : 80%)

 TOPFlex Stretch hood film

  • + Good holding force, also in hot environments
  • + The film is the cheapest of the TOPFlex range.
  • + The film is very clear and brilliant
  • - The film is not suited for hooding in cold environments(<5°C) 


TOPFlex MS (stretch : 100%)

 TOPFlex MS stretch hood film

  • + High holding force
  • + Good holding force as well in cold as in warm weather conditions
  • + Good processability on the stretch hooder, also if not setted up precisely
  • + The film is very clear and brilliant.
  • + The film has a good memory and a fast snap back.


TOPFlex HS (stretch : 120%)

 TOPFlex HS stretch hood film

  • + The film has a good holding force
  • + Excellent processability on the film, also in very cold environments.
  • + The film is very clear and transparant
  • + The film has a high and fast memory.
  • - In hot environments the film looses from its holding force


ULTRAFlex (stretch : 200%)

 ULTRAFlex stretch hood fim

  • + The film has a very good holding force
  • + Excellent processability in hot and cold weather conditions
  • + The film is clear and brilliant.
  • + 1 film size can hood many palettes sizes
  • + The film is economical in material use.
  • - The film is very sensitive to UV degradation
  • - The film is very expensive.



Plastic Union has many years of experience in the manufacturing of stretch hood films. All types were developped in narrow cooperaton with leading stretch hood machine manufacturors and with different suppliers of chemicals. Plastic Union is still working on improvements of their products and tests all products that are put on the market and could be concerned for the production of their stretch hood films.


Plastic Union is a european leader in stretch hood tube and export their stretch hood films on all continents of the world !


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